Common questions

Browse through common questions below to find answer to your query. Should your question not be represented below use the form to send us your query and we will display it along with an answer as soon as we can. 

What are the technical requirements for ImageVault?

ImageVault is installed at a Microsoft Windows Server and need access to a Microsoft SQL Server. For more details, read here.

What’s the price for ImageVault and how is it licensed?

The price for ImageVault is dependent on how you want to use the product. The license model is based on number of publishing channels (channels you want to publish media in using ImageVault, e.g. your website, Adobe InDesign, etc.) and how many ImageVault servers you need. We do not license per user or storage. Contact us to learn more about ImageVault’s license model and how it’s priced.

What's the setup for ImageVault? (excluded SaaS solution)

ImageVault as a standalone solution will be installed at a regular web server. Except for the web server where all the files will be stored, ImageVault need access to a database to store all information related to the files. ImageVault can be used together with Episerver and SharePoint or directly to Microsoft Office or towards Adobe InDesign.

Is ImageVault available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution?

Yes, ImageVault is available as SaaS solution. Contact us for more information.

I’m already using ImageVault and I require technical support. Where do I turn?

If you are using ImageVault together with Episerver you should turn to your Episerver partner/supplier. They may in their turn consult Episerver.

If you are not using ImageVault together with Episerver, contact us and we’ll help you out.

What systems does ImageVault currently integrates with?

Currently we have readymade integrations with Episerver CMS, Indesign and SharePoint. Additional connectors will be supplied continuously. Keep your eyes open at Through the intuitive ImageVault API it’s also possible to develop your own connectors and integrations. You may also consult ImageVault Expert Services if you have requirements on specific functionality or integrations that ImageVault currently doesn’t support.

Do you offer education/training sessions in ImageVault?

Yes. If you are using ImageVault along with Episerver, please turn to Episerver directly as they are handling all training for ImageVault for Episerver. Are you using ImageVault outside Episerver, contact us and we’ll schedule a training session.

Can ImageVault be used to store documents?

You may store, organize and find pretty much any file in ImageVault but concerning documents there is currently no support for versioning, preview, check in/check out, etc.

What's the implementation time for ImageVault?

This is solely dependent on how you want to use ImageVault e.g. in Episerver or SharePoint and if you want to create any specific integrations that the product currently doesn’t have. Just the installation of ImageVault usually doesn’t take more than a couple of hours but this is also depending on the complexity of the specific setup.