Before you start

Compatibility for upgrading

If you upgrade a previous installation, please make sure that the new version doesn't contain any breaking changes that you rely on. Refer to the changelog for any documented issues that might occur.


Perform a full backup of the files and the database on the target server, and store it on an external location. Make sure that the backup has been verified OK.

Before starting the installation process, always make sure you have a valid backup of the site you will perform the installation on.

Note: The recommended practice, in addition to making a backup before starting the installation, is to perform the installation on an identical copy of the production environment to minimize the risk of corrupting your existing site resources.

If you install ImageVault on a virtual server, please take a snap-shot before starting the installation process so that you can perform an easy roll-back in the odd case of installation failure.

Disk space requirements

To install ImageVault you need at least 300 MB Free space on the target disk. We recommend at least 2GB free disk space to make sure that the installation process goes as smooth as possible.


Make sure that the operating systems of your servers are updated with the latest updates.

Sufficient permissions

You need administrative rights on the computer(s) you intend to install ImageVault on. If you don't have administrative rights, please contact your system administrator for further advice.

Make sure that the Episerver site's web.config and episerver.config is not write protected. If they are, please remove the write protection from those files.

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