ImageVault Video


ImageVault Video is an additional service developed to manage the entire cycle, from uploading and storing, to streaming and downloading the video again. It enables you to easily publish your video directly on your site. The service is an additional service to ImageVault that works independently if ImageVault is running locally on a server or in the cloud. 


Video directly from the cloud

ImageVault video solution is developed to handle streaming media directly from the cloud. The cloud based solution has several advantages in scalability and performance but as an editor, you work as usual in ImageVault’s interface.  

You can choose to publish all or a part of a video in the editing mode and choose the length of the video you want to publish. It´s easy to convert the video to desired format and the solution has no limitation on number of users.

The video solution is developed together with our partner Vidispine AB. Contact us if you are interested to know more about the solution or read more at How to buy Add-ons