Is ImageVault the right solution for me?

ImageVault is a solution that provides enhanced management of media assets such as images and streaming media. The product facilitates using of media for different purposes, making it more easy and timesaving for everyone within an organization who handle and working with digital media. Through the connector towards Episerver and SharePoint it’s also possible to make your entire media bank available in our CMS.

Become more agile and shorten your time to market with ImageVault.

Ok, another DAMN DAM?

Obviously it could be, but it's not. With ImageVault we’re reaching out to those who see the usage of digital media as an important support in their business areas, such as marketing. The product is designed to meet the general needs of most organizations. However if you are looking for a Digital Asset Management in the enterprise field with e.g. great support for asset creation, ImageVault is probably not a sufficient solution for you.

If you ask a user how many of the features in a specific product he or she is using you probably will get an answer that you won’t like if you’re the supplier of that specific product. What differ ImageVault from our competitors is the extended concern for usability that we have put into the product. Where other suppliers prioritize tons of features and buttons (and price their solution according to that) we prioritize a software that is easy to learn, work with and that meet actual user requirements. ImageVault offers no more, no less.

General benefits with ImageVault:

  • Reducing time and costs associated with finding, using and distributing digital media.
  • Reduces demands on the editors/users regarding management of digital media. Fewer support issues. Less demand for access to external software applications.
  • Better control of how your brand is communicated and exposed.
  • Greater flexibility, shorter "Time to Market". Repurpose your high-resolution original files for various purposes and distribute them to your stakeholders.
  • Increases your ability to work faster, consistent and coherent with media on your website.

ImageVault is a suitable solution if you can't answer questions like:

  • What digital media files do our organization possess?
  • How and where do I find the file I’m looking for?
  • What rights do I have to use the specific file?
  • Is the file saved in right format for my purpose?
  • How much time and frustration are you spending on looking for and managing digital media files?