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MediaItemFilter Class

Defines the filterdata that will be used to perform a query for mediaitems
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  ImageVault.Common.Data.Query
Assembly:  ImageVault.Common (in ImageVault.Common.dll) Version: 5.11.59
public class MediaItemFilter : IVFilter

The MediaItemFilter type exposes the following members.

Public methodMediaItemFilter
Initializes a new instance of the MediaItemFilter class.
Public methodMediaItemFilter(MediaItemFilter)
Initializes a new instance of the MediaItemFilter class.
Public propertyAgreementId
The id of the agreements to search in
Public propertyCategoryId
The id of the category to search in (or null/0 if categories shouldn't be included in the filter)
Public propertyCollectionId
The id of the collections to search in
Public propertyId
Get/Sets the Id of the mediaitem(s) to match.
Public propertyMediaItemState
Get/Sets the MediaItemState of the MediaItemFilter
Public propertySearchString
The freetext search string
Public propertySkip
Get/Sets the Skip of the MediaItemFilter
(Inherited from IVFilter.)
Public propertySortOrder
The order to sort the result
Public propertyTake
Get/Sets the Take of the MediaItemFilter
(Inherited from IVFilter.)
Public propertyUrl
Get/Sets the Url of the MediaItemFilter
Public propertyVaultId
The id of the vaults to search in (or null/0 if all of the users vaults should be included
Public propertyVersionFilter
Describes the version to filter on. Default is Current
Public propertyVersionId
Instead of requesting the latest version, a set of version id can be specified.
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(Overrides IVFilterClone.)
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