LFV has upgraded its graphical presence and Intranet for Episerver. The solution is built with Community and ImageVault. With the upgrade of Episerver the natural choice was to upgrade also ImageVault as part of the project. LFV also activated the add-on for ImageVault video, this means that LFV can now use ImageVault as a full DAM solution for its digital media.


The Intranet and the public web are now sharing the same ImageVault installation and thereby have a joint management of images and videos.


Another feature where ImageVault supports LFV is the ongoing archiving of images, ImageVault reinforces the process to secure the images before archiving them at the Swedish National Archives.


Website: LFV.se

Partner: Knowit.se

Pär Wissmark, Solution architect, Knowit
+46 (0)480 - 31 47 95
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