User authentication

From version 4.7 we have introduced a pluggable authentication module for ImageVault that handles both authentication and user/group lookup. This allows us to implement and support a variety of authentication methods.

Forms authentication

As default we use forms authentication and for user/group lookup we use standard member/role providers. This uses Imagevaults own user catalog. See the forms authentication documentation for more information.

Episerver authentication

We can also configure the ImageVault instance to use Episervers users and roles. See the Episerver authentication documentation for more information.

Windows authentication

Any configuration using forms can be reconfigured to use windows authentication. This is done using by reconfiguring the IIS to use windows authentication instead of forms. You need to use a suitable membership/role provider that can access the windows users/roles.

Federated authentication

For federated authentication (ws-passive) we have a couple of modules.

Implementing an own SecurityManager

You can also implement an own ISecurityManager class to handle the authentication by yourself.

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