Media urls

To get access to a media file you query the ImageVault api and you will get media url:s in return. There is some basic information about these url:s that can be good to know.

Internal vs public urls

First there are two kinds of urls. What url that you get depends on how you create the client.


Internal urls are only visible to logged in users and the user needs to have read access to the media to be allowed to see them. Internal urls contains the segment /media/ in the url.


Public urls are visible to everyone and no access check is done when delivering these. The public urls contains the segment /publishedmedia/ in the url.

Publish details

If you want to trace your published media in ImageVault you can do this by specifying the place of usage with url or text where the file is used/published, you can also group your publishes with group id. This only works if sdk client is used.

See examples here


If you would like a media item to be downloaded instead of displayed, add the download=1 query string parameter.



Format base64

You can also specify that you would like to get the media as base64 encoded data by specifying the query string parameter format=base64.


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