Episerver CMS integration

When installing the Episerver CMS plug-in/add-on on your Episerver site, you get a set of properties and access to the ImageVault API directly from Episerver.


The ImageVault Connect for Episerver (ImageVault.EPiServer.UI) requires a fully functional installation of Episerver and supports the following combinations of ImageVault and Episerver CMS versions.

Episerver \ ImageVaultIV 4.7IV 4.8 - 5.2IV 5.3 - latest
CMS 11.5.3N/AN/A11.6.92 - latest
CMS 11N/AN/A11.6.40 - 11.6.68
CMS 10N/A5.1.21 - 5.2.505.3.101 - 9.6.169
CMS 9N/A4.8.234 - 5.2.505.3.101 - 9.6.169
CMS 84.7.2 - 4.7.12N/AN/A


Installation of the ImageVault Connect for Episerver is done by installing the ImageVault.EPiServer.UI nuget package from nuget.org into your Episerver solution.

See Quick installation guide for more information.


The following properties are supplied

TinyMCE plugin

The connector comes with a TinyMCE plugin.

MVC Display templates

You can customize the mvc templates if needed.

Installation Notes

Pop-up window should be allowed.

The browser needs to be configured to allow pop-up windows for the site.

Generate machinekey for the Episerver site

In order to achieve Single-Sign-On between the Episerver site and the ImageVault UI, these instances needs to share the same machinekey.
Please, verify the machinekey against this instruction.

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