Basic setup

To setup the ImageVault client we need to go through the steps below


The client API requires .net framework 4.0.


To use the C# client API you need to download the ImageVault.Client NuGet package from This package will install the needed assemblies and a sample configuration that is needed to connect to ImageVault Core.


To connect to ImageVault core you need to supply a configuration to your application. The configuration is described in detail in the Configuration section but here follows an example.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <section name="imagevault.client" type="ImageVault.Client.Configuration.ClientConfigurationSection, ImageVault.Client"/>
      <sdkIdentity key="demoSdkUser" secret="P@55w0rd!"/>
    <imageVaultCore address=""/>
      <add key="enableClientCache" value="True"/>
      <add key="ImageVaultUiUrl" value=""/>
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