ImageVault can be installed on an on-premises server but we recommend using one of our ImageVault Cloud packages.


Read the prerequisites and before you start before continuing.


To install ImageVault, follow the instructions below:

  • Download the latest version of ImageVault
  • Create an IIS web site.
  • Copy the contents of the installation zip to the webroot.
  • Assign modify access for the application pool user to the following paths:
    • /web.config
  • Navigate to the website and complete the setup.

IIS web site

The site needs to be running on an application pool that uses the following settings

  • .NET CLR version = 4.0
  • Managed pipeline mode = integrated
  • Enable 32 bit applications = false

This is the default settings when installing on most 64 bit systems.

Always on

Always on is a function that will keep a web site always on. Normally it is only on when a client is requesting pages and will spin down if no requests are made to it. The always on function is used to maintain the scheduled jobs in ImageVault. If always on is not activated, ImageVault wouldn't be able to trigger the scheduled jobs in time.


To enable the Always-on feature in IIS, follow the steps below.

Start IIS manager and use the configuration editor feature. Configuration editor feature

  1. Add Service Auto start provider (only needed once per IIS instance)

    • Navigate to the system.applicationHost/serviceAutoStartProviders section.

      serviceAutoStartProviders section

    • Click on the collection ... button.

      serviceAutoStartProviders collection ... button

    • Click Add and enter the following values

      • name = ImageVaultApplicationPreload
      • type = ImageVault.UI.Mvc.ApplicationPreload,ImageVault.UI.Mvc

      Add application preload

    • Close all popups
    • Click Apply in the Configuration editor

      Apply configuration changes

  2. Connect the auto start provider to the site

    • Navigate to the system.applicationHost/sites section.

      sites section

    • Click on collection ... button.

      sites section collection ... button

    • Find the web site you would like to use and click it
    • Click on collection ... button.

      site collection ... button

    • Modify the values on the entry with path /

      • serviceAutoStartProvider = ImageVaultApplicationPreload
      • serviceAutoStartEnabled = True
      • preloadEnabled = True

      site application settings

    • Close all popups
    • Click Apply in the Configuration editor

      Apply configuration changes

  3. Change start mode of application pool

    • Navigate to the system.applicationHost/applicationPools

      application host section

    • Click on collection ... button.

      application host section collection ... button

    • Find the application pool that the site uses
    • Set startMode = AlwaysRunning

      application host settings

    • Set processModel/idleTimeout = 0

      application host settings

    • Close all popups
    • Click Apply in the Configuration editor

      Apply configuration changes

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