Migration from on-premise to Cloud

If you would like to migrate from an on-premise installation to a cloud based service, the migration is done in the following steps.


To be sure the cloud service can work as intended, make sure that the authentication that the on-premise installation uses, is compatible with the cloud service. For instance, if the authentication needs access to a local Active directory that is not available in the cloud this can be an issue. We recommend that a federated authentication solution is used for best compatibility.

Move database to the Cloud

First step is to export the ImageVault database to the cloud. Export the current SQL Database as an Data-tier application.

Read more about exporting a Data-tier application in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/data-tier-applications/export-a-data-tier-application

This results in a .bacpac file that is uploaded to an Azure Storage account and then a new database is restored from the backup.

The on-premise installation is then configured to use the database in the cloud instead.

Move local content to the Cloud

Since on-prem installations mostly stores the uploaded media on the local harddrive, this content needs to be exported to the cloud.

First you need to add the AzureStorage to ImageVault to be able to store media in Azure. Do this by navigating as an ImageVault administrator to the url below.


Here, check the AzureBlobMediaStorage and click Ok.

Then you need to configure the connection string to the Azure Storage account and click Ok.

Next step is to move content from the DiskStorage to the AzureBlobMediaStorage. To do that, navigate as an ImageVault administrator to the url below.


Click the "Move Content" link on the DiskStorage row and select AzureBlobStorage as target storage. Click "Move contents" button to start the migration job.

Move on-prem application to Cloud

Now you can install the ImageVault application in an Azure web app and use the same database and storage account as the on-premise installation. When setup is completed, update configuration in clients to point to the new service.

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