Installation as sub-site no longer supported

From the beginning (prior version 4), ImageVault was a plugin to Episerver and was installed inside the Episerver web application.

From ImageVault version 4, the application was separated but could, and was also recommended to, be installed as a "sub-site" below the Episerver site as an own web application.

With the introduction of ImageVault 5, we no longer recommended the sub-site installation but it was still supported.

With the release of ImageVault 5.14, we have decided to not support the sub-site installation, mainly to the complexity involved with hosting an application as a sub-site and the amount of testing needed to keep the setup supported.

It's still possible to use this setup but we do not guarantee or support it any longer.

Our recommendation is to host ImageVault as an own application or to use one of our ImageVault Cloud packages.

If you have questions regarding this matter, don't hesitate to contact us.

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