After migration

Once the Migration Application is done moving data to the new site there are some additional steps that needs to be executed.

Clear Category cache

The list of categories in the left panel of ImageVault 4 is cached and is only updated when a user creates, edits or deletes a category through the interface. A migration will most likely modify the list of categories. Since the migration works with API calls and not the UI, the list of categories will not automatically be refreshed.

After migration, in order to invalidate the cached list of categories and refresh the UI, restart the site.

Note: The Category editor, in Advanced Settings, does not cache categories and will reflect the changes immediately.

Re-enable the ImageVault FileWatcher job

ImageVault file watcher job should be disabled during migration. After migration the job should be enabled again by modifying the ImageVault Core configuration file ImageVault.Core.Host.exe.configuration. Comment out the key FileWatcherJobDisabled_ like below:

<!--<add key="FileWatcherJob_Disabled" value="true"/>-->

After modifying the file, restart the ImageVault Core service for the changes to take effect.

Note:The migrated files will not be visible in ImageVault before the filwatcher-job has processed them.

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