ImageVault Migration Tool Documentation

This document describes the steps required to perform a migration from ImageVault 3 to ImageVault 4. The migration procedure is split up in several steps; before, during and after migration.

The actual migration is done running the ImageVault Migration application.

When the migration is completed, the target ImageVault 4 instance will be populated with the data from the ImageVault 3 instance. Since the structures of ImageVault 3 and 4 are different, some elements (such as albums) are not directly transferred but instead converted into an ImageVault 4 representation. (such as vaults, or categories) The Migration application will translate the existing information to use the new structure, however to use the full potential of the new version of ImageVault additional work is required organizing the assets.

Note: The migration application will move data from ImageVault 3 to ImageVault 4. It will not modify the content of Episerver. Hence if an existing site is to be migrated the Episerver partner needs to make sure the content is correctly updated.

Note: The API for ImageVault 4 is not backward compatible with earlier versions of ImageVault. Hence if the API or properties are used in page templates, these have to be modified to work with ImageVault 4.

Note: Advice on best practices regarding how to organize the assets, or help with the migration process can be provided by ImageVault Expert Services

ImageVault Migration Tool application

The ImageVault migration application is a windows forms application. It works in two stages. First it performs a full analysis of the ImageVault instances to migrate between. The result of this analysis is information to the user, such as what vaults will be created, information about meta data, categories, any warning or error messages, etc. This information can be used to review how the tool will convert the information and make changes to the source prior to migration as required.

In the analysis stage no actual data is modified or migrated, so this step is safe to run multiple times while fixing warnings or other adjustments on the ImageVault instances.

When the analysis stage looks good the user can choose to continue and perform the actual migration. Starting this step should only be done once all the prerequisites are met and the analysis looks good.

The perform step cannot be started if any errors are found while analyzing.

Note:The migration application cannot roll back changes made to the ImageVault 4 site when the migration has been started. If required, this needs to be done manually, for example by restoring a backup of the machine.

Before migration

This section documents prerequisites and configuration changes that should be done before running the ImageVault Migration Tool.

During migration

This section documents different types of warnings and information that occurs during the analysis and perform steps.

After migration

This section documents any final actions that should be done when the migration is finished.

Additional information

This section contains more information about how the Migration Application works.

Get started

Start by reading the Before migration.

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