ImageVault is a Digital Asset Management system that focuses on Media related functions. It's intended to be the hub of all your media where you upload/organize/use media assets.

In addition ImageVault supplies a set of connectors and plug-ins that connects ImageVault to other systems or extends it's functionality.

ImageVault also comes with a rich API that allows its users to access the system by writing applications. You can write your own connectors and plug-ins to further enhance your digital media experience.


ImageVault is a dot net based web application that can be hosted using Windows Internet Information Services or in a Azure Web App. It consists of two parts (UI and Core).

Note: Previous versions sepatated Core and hosted it as a Windows service but from version 5, both parts are hosted inside the Web Application.


Connectors are applications hosted outside ImageVault and utilizes the Api to communicate with ImageVault.


Plug-ins are dot net based applications hosted inside the ImageVault Core process and can be of several types; Scheduled Jobs, MediaStorages, MediaConverters, MediaAnalyzers and so on. The plug-ins have access to a superset of the public Rest based API that is available to Connectors.

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