This plug-in is providing support for previewing and converting PDF and EPS files, this includes generating thumbnails and editing (resize, crop).

Installation & Configuration (Windows OS)

The plugin is included in the standard installation package. However in order to activate the support, Ghostscript need to be installed on the ImageVault server. "Ghostscript is a suit of software based on an interpreter for Adobe Systems' PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF) page description languages." (wikipedia) Ghostscript is open source and can be downloaded from the Ghostscript download page.

No configuration is needed, PDF/EPS support will be enabled/disabled based on the existence of an installed Ghostscript software.

Azure websites

From ImageVault v5.0.281, we have included support for this plugin to work on Azure web sites. Since you cannot run the Ghostscript installer directly on the Azure web application you need to copy some files from an existing installation. In addition you will also need some files from the Ghostscript.NET Azure fork project. Follow the instructions below to complete installation and configuration.

Installation & Configuration (Azure web site)

  • Create a folder on the azure web site on d:\home\site\gs
  • Download the 64 bit version from the Ghostscript download page and install it to a computer.
  • Copy the gsdll64.dll from the installation folder (ex c:\program files\gs\bin) to the d:\home\site\gs folder
  • Download the Ghostscript.NET.CommandLine.64.v1.2.2.zip and extract the files in the zip to the d:\home\site\gs folder
  • Modify the web.config file and add the following appSetting

    <add key="iv:ghostScriptPath" value="d:\home\site\gs"/>

When you now upload a PDF/EPS file to the ImageVault installation, it will create thumbnails and extract metadata from the PDF/EPS files.

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