Rest API

The rest API of the ImageVault core consists of several services that can be accessed using an authentication ticket.


The authentication procedure is described in the authentication section.

Embedding ImageVault UI in an iframe

Available from version 5.11.174

Since ImageVault can be configured to use federated authentication that utilizes redirects, the usage of iframes are not recommended. Many federation authentication providers prohibits iframe redirects using the X-Frame-Options header.

If you still need to embed ImageVault UI in an iframe, we recommend that you make sure that the browser has a logged in session before embedding it in an iframe.

To do that, you can take advantage of the query string parameter redirectAfterLogin that will ensure that the current user is logged in and then redirect the browser to the supplied url.


  • Page has an iframe where the ImageVault UI ( should be displayed.
  • Instead of supplying a direct link to the page, supply the link to ImageVault UI with the redirectAfterLogin parameter containing the url to the landing page.

Note: redirectAfterLogin was added in ImageVault version 5.11.174. Earlier versions will not redirect.




JavaScript implementation

There is a class library that implements the authorization parts and provides an easy to use API for making core calls.

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